The first post of a blogging noob.

16 Jun

I have never been that patient with maintaining blogs.  Maybe because my mind is somehow wired to think that programming codes mean scary business, that’s why I never really took the time to learn all the necessary things that I need to know in actually having a decent blog. I did have one way back when, but it was full of private posts, “teen angst” if you can call it that. I don’t believe you can call that a decent blog.

So now that I am being required to create and maintain a blog, I’m actually pretty hyped about it. Because even if my brain keeps throwing alerts of “scary codes and other scary technical stuff” I can say “no, required ito.” Ha! Take that brain.

Now, on to the actual introductions.

Remembering an old English teacher of mine, I decided to entitle my blog as Comm-a based on the concept of the punctuation mark (comma). That teacher used to tell the class “A comma means a slight pause” hence the tagline because we all need a breather. For me this blog represents a breather from my usual writing activities which consists mostly of academic stuff and those short posts on social networking sites (SNS). Despite the seemingly stressful act of maintaining a blog, I want this to be my breather from all the papers, readings and other academic what-nots. Somehow this is different from other requirements. Maybe because here (web) is a place where I can freely express my opinions and thoughts.

I will post more things soon so please keep visiting. I promise even in this noob state that I will put in extra extra extra effort to make this blog a decent one.


One Response to “The first post of a blogging noob.”

  1. galeaya June 20, 2010 at 10:17 am #

    I like the notion of a blog providing sanctuary – a breather. Will watch out for your Gates post! :3

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