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Why I Hated This Blogging Requirement (Part2)

23 Sep

My take on blogging now? I guess I’ve realized that I don’t really hate it. It just hasn’t been a good start for me. And, a big part of that is my fault. I expected some things about blogging and when those expectations weren’t met, I got discouraged. I got intimidated, and I wrote for the wrong reasons.

And so after all those realizations, I’ve come up with my own Blogging Commandments. These are statements that serve as my reminders on why I write and how I want to blog.


Although most of the blogging tips online stress on the importance of writing articles that will interest netizens, I think that writing for myself first before others will work better for me. I can be myself, and continue to adjust to writing online. When I’m comfortable with the whole blogging thing, by that time I can adjust my writing to attract more traffic to my blog.


It’s good to be updated with trends and everything, but blogging about trends just because you observe that they’re the kind of posts people respond to isn’t a good approach for me. I want to blog about things that are of true interest to me, and not just because they’re the “in” thing to blog about. Don’t get me wrong though. I don’t hate trends, I just don’t enjoy it when people blog about things just because they know it’ll get responses (and you know there are people like this).


Finding a good blog or reading an excellent post need not be intimidating. It just calls for a change in perspective. If you think a blog/blogger intimidates you then just look at it as a learning experience. Learn from that blogger’s style, and see what makes his/her blog good. Maybe you can even ask for advice or tips.


Things like the blog’s theme, appearance, features can all be improved. There’s no need to put unnecessary pressure on yourself in making the perfect blog theme or title just when you’re starting out. Just go with the best you’ve got. You can still improve on it. Writing style and blog topics and gimmicks can also be improved on.


No one starts out great. All the great bloggers started out as newbies too. But they worked hard, they posted regularly and consistently created quality posts, gained fans and followers, and became what they are today. We shouldn’t be discouraged if we don’t get the response that we expect or want with each post that we create. We can’t please everyone, and for the people that we can please, that won’t happen right away. We need to make an effort if we want to make our blogs good.


These five things are what I’ve decided to guide me as a blogger, my Blogging Commandments. If by any chance I think of something new that I can add to these, then I’ll be sure to post it.

Believe it or not, I am getting the hang of blogging. It just takes a little more work than usual but the feeling after you’ve posted something is great. I have to admit though that a Communication blog is not really my thing. Sure, I like communication and I recognize how new social media affects me and my future as an Orcom practitioner, but it’s not something that I can blog about regularly.

After this requirement I plan to keep this blog, and update it from time to time. But my major plan is to make a new blog, something that interests me. I’m actually preparing for it already. I’ve bought a small notebook and such so that in case I get any ideas for my blog while I’m out, I can just jot things down on that notebook. So watch out for that.


Why I Hate(d) This Blogging Requirement (Part1)

10 Sep

I was honestly excited about this whole project when it was discussed in class. I thought “Hey, here’s my chance to finally appreciate this blogging thing.” But, things didn’t exactly go as planned.

In the first place, I’m not the person who’ll spend hours in front of the computer perfecting an article about my thoughts on a certain topic. I am quite opinionated about certain issues but for some reason my thoughts seem better in my head than on paper (or in a blog post for this matter). Next, I’m not the super techie type. Yes, I know about new technologies, a little bit about hardware and softwares but I don’t voluntarily look for news about those things.

More than my lack of writing skills and interest in the required issues, what I dislike most about blogging is that it’s so easy to get lost in its universe. And by getting lost, I don’t mean the good kind. By getting lost I mean that it’s so easy to lose confidence in your work when you see so many other good ones out there. I actually thought of a term for what I’m feeling: an Online Identity Crisis.

So what is this Online Identity Crisis that I’m going on about?

Let me clear up first that this Online Identity Crisis (OIC) that I’m facing is regarding blogging, and not the I’ll-make-up-a-new-identity-online kind.

So, why do I say that I’m experiencing an Online Identity Crisis


It’s so hard to think of a theme for a blog. First, your theme must, in a way reflect what you’re going to put in your blog. Second, it has to be something creative or witty. If it’s too boring then people would have the impression that your blog is too random or too plain, and they’d just move on to the next blog. If that isn’t difficult enough, your theme must somehow show your “unique” personality.

I ended up with my blog name because all of my other ideas were too lame. It’s not difficult to be witty, but then being witty while showing your personality AND relating that to what your blog is actually about is a whole other story.


How “unique” must my personality be? I’m proud that I’m not the typical kikay, goody-goody, innocent type kinda girl. I do believe that my opinions and perspectives are not that of a typical person, but as different as I may be, given a serious topic my opinions will not differ greatly from that of my friends or classmates.

Given this requirement to create posts that will talk about news about new social media and how it affects me, and the OrCom practice, I don’t know what more I can say that my classmates haven’t already said.


If you search for tips in making blogs online, you’d always see something like “let your personality show in your blog.” Oh please. Statements like that are easier said than done. Sure you can show your interests with the kind of articles that you write, but when given a set of topics to write about, you would feel that it somehow limits your “personality-showing-space.”

And about what I said earlier about getting lost, it’s so easy to be intimidated by the other blogs out there. Since this blog was required in a certain subject, practically the whole batch has a blog. And based on my experience, my blog seemed like crap compared to that of my batchmates, especially since many of them are really good writers. It was so easy to be discouraged, that’s why after just a couple of weeks, I didn’t feel like updating my blog anymore.

So what do I do??? The fact still remains that this is a requirement equivalent to 20% of my grade in a major subject. It took me months of blog-soul-searching, tons of articles on the web with tips for people who’re new to blogs, a JMA Marketing Seminar on Business Management through Contemporary Marketing and a blogging workshop before I could be fully decided on what to do.

Wait for my next post regarding my realizations and plans regarding this issue. Feel free to comment for the mean time.