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SNS = SHOPPING Networking Sites

25 Sep

It was during the peak of Multiply.com when different online shops kept popping out here and there. Business-minded students/undergraduates, those who wanted a sideline, or individuals who wanted to jumpstart their business all flocked to Multiply. Many of them have established their business in that site, and still use it to this very day.

And, when Facebook became popular, we saw how the online reselling trend followed.

Free, Fast, Easy

Free, fast and easy – these are the main reasons why online resellers choose to use Social Networking sites like Facebook to house their online stores.

There’s already a community of people, and all you have to do is add contacts. You may post pictures of your products in the photos part of your account. And, interested buyers may choose to send you a private message or leave comments in your gallery. You may also wish to put guidelines about how to order, where you accept meet-ups, shipping details, etc. in your notes page.

Doubtful clients can also see if you’ve already had successful transactions. This will show them that you are a legitimate reseller, and not just one of those con-artists.

Online shopping on SNS: a yes or no?

Personally, I’m not against online shopping. I even have several online store contacts, and enjoy “online window shopping” when I’m bored. I think it’s good that people are using different means to make their business successful.

Not everyone is happy about this phenomenon though. Some are irritated because store contacts keep tagging you in pictures of products, or sometimes the store contacts spam your feed, and you miss the posts of your friends or crushes. This can be solved pretty easily though. Facebook allows you to hide posts of contacts you don’t want to see. So if you like a certain shop’s products, you can just go to that shops page when you want, but you don’t have to see that shop’s post in your feed.

I think that Facebook is still relatively young. What happened with Multiply was that they chose to adopt the shopping phenomenon into their system, and so they created a shopping community in their scheme. I’m curious as to what Facebook plans to do about the online reselling accounts that seem to be multiplying as the days pass. Maybe a new e-bay can be created out of all that’s happening. Definitely though, we will see more and more uses for these social networking sites.